Plastic and Recycling Blades

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades offer a complete manufacturing service which ensures superior quality and a wealth of experience and product knowledge. We work closely with the European steel mills that supply directly to us, giving us an in-depth knowledge of tool steels and their applications, allowing us to produce precision craftmanship. All stages of the manufacturing process take place within our own factory premises, including heat treatment which allows us to ensure a continuous control of quality for all our plastic and recycling blades. Heat treatment, tempering and quenching strengthens steel so that it will be suitable for the application it is intended for.

Plastic and Recycling Blades 01 - Plastic Recycling

Our Plastic Recycling Range consists of

  • Super Chopper Blades
  • Rasper Blades
  • Granulator Blades
  • Pellettizer Blades
  • Agglomerator Blades
  • Parrison Blades
  • Scrap Shear Blades
  • Weima Blades
  • Cropper Blades
  • Shredder Blades
  • Bed & Fly Blades
  • Pressure Lips
  • Wear Parts
  • Pulverizing and Powderising Blades are also manufactured by us.
plastic and recycling blade manufacturing experts south africa - Plastic Recycling