Plastic bottles in a pile ready to be recycled

Granulator blades for plastic recycling

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We have all heard about bans on plastic straws, with restaurants and corporations alike taking a pledge to stop distributing plastic straws. 300 million metric tonnes of plastic were consumed in 2015; think of it this way, there are 7.6 billion people in the world and for every human 40kg of plastic is produced yearly.

This problem has become so severe that The City of Johannesburg has said without recycling our landfills will become overrun in 5 years. As such they have implemented a policy to make recycling compulsory within households in an attempt to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Recycling greatly helps to reduce the clogging of landfills, other garbage treatment options and helps to lower environmental pollution.

At Zanogen we have equipment of the highest standard to help support our partners within the plastic recycling industry. When it comes to the plastic recycling process, granulator blades play an essential role. A granulator blade functions to reduce the size of plastic – the most important step in the plastic recycling process. A granulator blade has the ability to get through a variety of plastic products in a quick and efficient way. When plastic items pass through granulator blades they are cut into small pellet-like pieces that can then be used to manufacture new plastic products.

Granulator blades operate in a metallic cylindrical chamber that is connected to a motor which powers the rotor. When powered up, the blades start to move at a very high RPM. The high speed and quality of the blades means that plastic products passing through are cut and turned into granules. The granules can vary in size depending on what is desired.

It is imperative to find a trustworthy manufacturer of these blades. At Zanogen we ensure superior quality in our products through our wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge. The entire manufacturing process takes place within our factory premises, so we can control our superior craftsmanship. Get in touch today to make sure you get the right granulator blades for the job at hand from the largest manufacturer of industrial blades in the Southern Hemisphere.