About Us

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades is known for its passion and precision craftmanship. From our origins in Sheffield, England, we have been an OEM supplier since 1952.

Embracing the future under the guidance of a strong and highly qualified management team, Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades will continue to show consistent growth under our dynamic and visionary leadership. The Company continuously invests in the latest technology and has an on-going research and development program – ensuring our position as the market leader.

Continuous targeted research within our industry ensures that Zanogen consistently delivers on its reputation for superior quality. We are able to manufacture any industrial blade, industrial knife, or machine tool to OEM tolerances and customer specifications, based on drawings or samples.

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades has a library of technical drawings combined with over 60 years of knowledge that has allowed us to supply the world with quality industrial blades and machine knives. We apply the full range of our knowledge to achieve the required technical quality. We also have manufacturer specifications on file which ensures that your machine knives are made to OEM standards.

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades has a strong focus on serving our customers better. It is part of our commitment to our customers and their industries to understand and service their present and future needs.

We are proud of what our Company has achieved over the years and we thank our customers for their continued support.

We are professional, accountable and responsible to our customers, each other and our product.

Zanogen Knives and Blade Manufacturer - About Us