W. Fearnehough Africa Manufacturers, Suppliers and Re-grinders of Zanogen Products

for the :

Steel Industry -
Shear and Cropper Blades. Guillotine Blades, Edge Trimmers, Slitter Knives, Spacers, Shims and Stripper rings, etc. Pressbrake Tooling and Tool Clamps, etc.

Paper Industry -
Guillotine Knives, 3-Way Trimmers, Sheeter Knives, Circular Slitters and Cutting Sticks, etc.

Plastic Industry -
Super Chopper Blades, Rasper Blades, Granulator Blades, Pellettizer Blades, Agglomerator Blades and Parrison Blades, etc

Timber Industry -
Chipper, Hogger and Counter Knives. Veneer, Peeler, Slicer and Clipper Knives. Pressure Bars / Nose Bars, Anvils, Chipper Canters, Planer Blades, Wear and Protector Plates. Flaker Knives, Pressure Lips, Knife Holder, Wear Shoe, Beater Blade, Guide Rail and Clamping Ledge. Wear Parts, etc.

Leather Industry -
Fleshing Blades, Shaving Blades, Splitting Blades and Caulking, etc.